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Start Small, But Think Big...

If you’re waiting for an opportunity to come knocking, then I’ve got news for you. That opportunity is
right now, 2021!
Not next year or the year after, but right now!
Yes, I know reading this probably sounds like a regular cliche, but seriously! Stop thinking about the ‘What
ifs.’ Stop telling yourself that ‘Someday you’ll get around to starting that blog or online business… Now
is the time to start.
We are so fortunate to be alive right now. We’re living in an amazing era. With ‘technology’ and the
‘internet’ comes opportunities.
We have access to everything we need to start building our dream future.
When it comes to getting things done, there’s a profusion of productivity and creativity tools, services, apps,
software, technology, and training available! We have ZERO excuses.
The internet is jam-packed with so much information on how to start an online business! Everything we
need to become successful is available at our fingertips.
Right now, you can build any kind of business you envision, and you can build this business out of nothing
other than passion and commitment. You don’t need to have a special degree or any qualifications to
start. You don’t need to throw away money at your venture to start either. In fact, you can start with almost
nothing! And if you have a fire in your belly, that’s a great start, in my opinion.
I started this blog ten years ago, with just $50 (for hosting and domain). Today, this blog is my bread
and butter. It has become a five-figure a year business model! And I’m no one special either. I’m just a regular
dad with a small family living a happy and comfortable life.

But where do you start?

Well, you can start right here on this page. Because I created this special resource page to help you cut
through the noise and clutter to find the very best tools you need to kickstart and grow your blog or online
Take a look below, find what you need, and make something BIG happen today. Stop waiting.

Most Recommended Tools


I’ve been using Cloudways website hosting since 2019. They are among the most reliable and secure web hosting providers in the industry.

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Learndash LMS

The most trusted WordPress LMS plugin, created by learning industry professionals with Fortune 500 experience. Highly Recommended tool by Membershipwith.me
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MemberPress will help you build astounding WordPress membership sites, accept credit cards securely, sell online courses, control who sees your content, and sell digital downloads.
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Do more than automate your email — activate your entire customer experience